Ground Expedite

CES has a full range of trucks to get anything anywhere. We pride ourselves on being a one-call solution for door-to-door ground shipments to anywhere in US, Canada, and Mexico.


What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a shipping technique where shipments go directly from the supplier or pick up to the customer or drop off location. This freight is considered “hot or “critical” and is a priority; the freight makes minimal stops, if any, before reaching the destination.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is calculated based on several factors including pickup location, drop-off location, time constraints, and availability of equipment (capacity).

What ground expedite equipment do you have?

CES has a wide variety of equipment to fit your needs! From cargo vans to 53’ tractors and everything in between, CES is your one-stop-shop for all your expediting needs. The chart below shows the capabilities of our units.

Can you make overnight deliveries?

“Yes! Our direct delivery or “team service” gets your freight delivered in the quickest and most efficient possible time. With two drivers per truck, your freight won’t stop until it reaches its destination!

How accurate are the transit times?

Shipping times are very accurate however, we give you a “no later than” time your freight will reach its destination; it may get there earlier but we like to undersell the time and overdeliver with our on-time performance. These times are very accurate barring any situations that are not within our control such as weather or traffic delays. If you’re wanting constant updates for your freight, call us anytime 24/7 to get an update!


Need advice on how to handle your freight? Our experienced team has worked with a wide variety of companies that all have unique needs. Call today to speak with a logistics professional that can advise you on a shipping plan that fits your budget.

  • Supply chain management
  • System integration
  • Customs clearance
  • Material handling
  • International distribution

All Your Shipping Challenges - Handled by the Pros

With our experienced logistics professionals, technology solutions and an integrated partner carrier network, Continental Expedited Services can provide a solution for all of your transportation needs. Continental Expedited Services believes in providing our customers with the resources they need to be successful and the ability to make the right decisions for their business.

Ground Shipment Services

  • Direct dual driver nonstop transit anywhere in North America
  • Satellite tracked vehicles updated every 30 minutes
  • ETA updates 24 hours a day online, by phone, email, or EDI
  • Cargo Vans to Straight Trucks to 53’ Air Ride Trailers for the most competitive pricing based on amount shipped
  • Seamless transfer in and out of Mexico and Canada
  • Pre Clearance (PARS) and ACI/ACE certified
  • Emergency Freight Rescue Service
  • Through-trailer service with no transloading at borders

Truck Specifications

Cargo Van Sprinter Van 12' Cube 22' Straight Truck 53' Tractor
Weight 2,500 lbs. max 3,000 lbs. max 4,000 lbs. max 12,000 lbs. max 44,000 lbs. max
Door Clearance 48" x 48" 50" x 70" 88" x 68" 94" x 94" 98" x 106"
Inside Specs 102"-135" x 48" x 46" 144" x 50" x 72" 144" x 90" x 68" 264" x 96" x 96" 636" x 98" x 110"

Some trucks may have slightly different specifications than what is mentioned above. Our operators will ensure your freight is appropriate for available equipment. Please call 1-855-SHIPCES for further questions.

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