Air Expedited

Door-to-Door Air

Continental is able to offer our customers a variety of door-to-door air solutions through our network of over 200 air freight and air charter service providers.

Our relationship and leverage with commercial, cargo, and charter aircraft allow us to provide seemingly unlimited options to meet the most demanding criteria.

Our expansive air freight network allows us to select the best mode to meet your transportation needs, while optimizing pricing and passing the savings on to you. We can tailor a door-to-door, airport-to-airport, or door-to-airport solution to fit your needs.

Same Day Service

The most critical service available for your most sensitive material. In cases in which you cannot wait and need guaranteed, we use industry leading resources and technology to get your material anywhere around the globe in the same day.

Two Day Lite Service

Our two day elite service will take your package up to 150 lbs in an estimated two days anywhere you need in the continental 48 states.

Next day AM or PM Service

For your more critical air shipments 2,200 lbs and under for select areas in the Continental 48. Our couriers are on standby, day or night, to make your next day delivery!

3-To-5 Day Economy Service

Our most economical air option available which still gets our full tracking support and communication for your pick and delivery alerts.

“CES did a great job of providing me with all the documentation and pricing I needed to get my shipment to Denver in less than 24!”

Speak today with one of our operators who can walk you through the options and steps needed to get your freight in the air ASAP.