Less than Truckload

LTL Trucking – or Less than Truckload shipping- is what you need to move smaller freight without having to pay for an entire truck. Our LTL trucking services are reliable and backed by guaranteed services to get your freight to destination on time and intact. LTL shipping is usually for smaller freight, typically weighing between 150 and 25,000 lbs. Our LTL shipping rates and delivery times usually outbid our competitors. Call today to get your shipment moving quick.


What is the minimum and maximum weight or size allowed for LTL?

Operationally, we consider anything that’s not FTL to be LTL since we end up consolidating anyway. 

What equipment is available for LTL?

LTL equipment ranges from 53’ air ride dry vans to cargo vans and everything in between. 53’, 22’ straight truck, 12’ small straight, sprinter, and cargo vans.

How are shipping rates calculated?

Pricing is calculated based on several factors including pickup location, drop-off location, time constraints, and availability of equipment (capacity). 

These shipping rates are calculated using the same factors as FTL but they are not as time-critical as direct service FTL so the price is lower.


What freight classes do you use for LTL?

Virtually all of our freight is class 50.

How accurate are the shipping times.

Shipping times are very accurate however, we give you a “no later than” time your freight will reach its destination. It may get there earlier. We’d like to undersell the time and overdeliver with our on-time performance. These times are very accurate barring any situations that are not within our control such as weather, traffic or other delays.

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