The United States’ 2.8 million miles of pipeline safely delivers billions of tons of liquid petroleum products each year. However, even with this existing state-owned infrastructure, the process of transporting hazardous material (hazmat) still presents significant logistical challenges. With the strict government regulations on the transportation of hazmat, your next freight may seem like an intimidating endeavor.

Is your company preparing to transport some hazardous material over a long distance soon? You probably wonder how you can ensure safety regulations. Well, with hazmat freight brokers, this logistical nightmare shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Hazmat freight brokers can help you safely move your hazardous material across state borders with ease. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from working with reliable hazmat freight brokers.

Who Are Hazmat Freight Brokers?

A hazmat freight broker helps you find qualified carriers who can safely move your hazardous material for long distances. The broker’s role is to ensure professional transportation and tracking of the hazmat during the entire stretch. Once you establish a reliable hazmat broker, you then pay them on a per load basis.

Most companies that transport hazmat material wonder why they need to include a hazmat freight broker in the shipment process. Well, here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from working with a hazmat freight broker.

1. You’ll Save Money

The main reason most companies consider hazmat freight brokers is due to the lower transportation costs involved. During these hard economic times, you’re keen on saving as much as possible on your outlay. However, without the involvement of a broker, it’s highly likely that you’ll incur substantial costs.

Brokers provide carrier options with highly competitive pricing ranges that you can rely on to cut on costs. Ordinarily, you would spend much more on costs when shipping on your own.

These brokers have a wide variety of carrier options at their disposal. This means that they can easily compare prices and services.

If you’re looking to save on transportation costs, you need to get in touch with a reliable broker. However, you must be keen enough to ensure that you get value for money. Cheap can be expensive if you fail to work with trusted brokers.

2. You Can Pass the Burden of Vetting

Your hazmat material must be worth a lot of money. As such, you need to ensure that the freight carriers you entrust with the shipment are seasoned and trusted. Nevertheless the process of vetting and singling out the most trusted carrier can be complicated.

The scrutinizing process involves confirming information related to insurance and certification to handle hazmat. Such a process may be time-consuming, and in most cases, you might not get the most trusted carrier. With a hazmat freight broker, you don’t need to worry about the vetting process.

At continent expedited, we have a team of dedicated staff who undertake assessments on carrier compliance. With such support, you don’t need to worry about the vetting process.

3. Hazmat Freight Brokers Have Product Experience

Hazardous materials require special handling considering the extent of the danger they pose to health and the environment. Handling such content on your own exposes you and your staff to grave health and safety concerns. Without the input of a seasoned hazmat freight broker, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter a logistical nightmare.

Finding qualified carriers to ship your specific hazardous material may be a weighty dilemma. Experienced hazmat freight brokers can help you figure out the best carriers to handle your particular products. You should only consult with experts who have been in the business long enough to ensure the best services.

4. Hazmat Freight Brokers Have a National Network

One of the critical advantages of working with hazmat freight brokers is that you’ll get access to more than just one carrier. On your own, you’ll probably only have one or two options to select from when comparing services. Conversely, when working with a broker, you can consider a wide range of services and options before making the final decision.

The main aim of considering multiple carriers is to assess the uniqueness of the services on offer. Factors such as carrier lanes, equipment, drivers, and rates all matter when making the final decision. As such, the services of hazmat freight brokers matter when sourcing for variety.

5. Shipping Modes and Capacity

Most hazardous materials are bulky and may require special handling. Without proper knowledge, you might end up working directly with carriers who lack the capacity and the right shipping means to manage your hazmat. This can be detrimental.

You might need to consider the insights of seasoned brokers. These brokers can, in turn, connect you with carriers who can deliver. Before deciding on how to ship your hazmat, it would help to consider the needed capacity and shipment mode.

6. Brokers Handle Issues When They Emerge

The process of shipping hazmat involves numerous logistical complexities. Whether the issues include timing, damages to the materials, or pricing, you may not be able to address such problems. Even so, such hiccups may have significant implications on your business if interventions aren’t forthcoming.

You need a reliable hazmat freight broker to ensure that you navigate these hurdles effortlessly. Most experienced freight brokers can handle the legal and logistical difficulties that may emerge during the transportation process. In most cases, you don’t even need to know that anything went wrong, given the speed of intervention.

7. Freight Brokers Can Help You Move Across National Borders

Are you worried about driving to other countries with shipments of hazmat? This is a common hurdle for most companies, given the cross-border legal and trade-related dynamics, but don’t flinch.

You only need to consult a freight broker who understands the types of cargo and how to maneuver across borders. With such support, your movement in and out of other countries is no longer a matter of concern. Such brokers can connect you with carriers who offer adequate cross-border shipping options.

Dealing With a Hazmat Freight Broker Ensures a Flawless Process

Hazardous materials require a delicate balance of professionalism and care when in transit. However, most companies cannot ensure total adherence to set-out safety standards during transportation.

With reliable hazmat freight brokers, you no longer have to worry about the logistical factors involved. At Continental expedited, all your hazmat shipping needs are well-considered.

Are you looking to ship your hazmat with minimal logistical hassles? Contact us today.