Paying for shipping to Mexico or anywhere else in the world can prove to be on the expensive side, and that’s exactly why you’ve clicked on this article. Here you’re going to learn some ways to cut shipping cost while still ensuring that your package will make it to the intended destination in one piece.

For everything, you need to continue reading this article from start to finish, and we’ll let you in on some must-know shipping secrets when it comes to the cheapest shipping to Mexico.

Package Your Items Wisely

Before sending your package out, ensure that you’ve chosen the correct package size. The reason being is larger boxes will cost more to insure and send off.

When you go to the carrier that you intend to use, ask them what box would be the best for your package. They’ll be able to help you choose the correct packaging and save you money.

If you’ve chosen a too-large box, there are times when they’ll provide you with a better suggestion before processing your package to be sent off.

Use Multiple Carriers

Another way to cut down on shipping costs is to use multiple carriers. Each carrier has their own set of cost that’s associated with sending packages with their facility.

Depending on the area that you live in, you’ll have your choice of some of the countries top carriers. Some of the more well-known carriers include:

  • TFI International
  • FedEx Corporation
  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)

These are just a few of the ones that you may notice frequenting your neighborhood, and each has its own delivery cost. And each rate changes depending on the size box that you’re sending and the time of day that you’re sending it out.

Keep Packaging Supplies

You may not realize it, but having to purchase packaging supplies every time you need to send a package can add up over time. The best way to save yourself money is by saving things like packing tape, boxes, and bubble wrap.

If you choose not to keep packaging supplies, various applications allow you to find people near you that are giving away packaging supplies for a discounted price or for free.

If you find that you send packages frequently, perhaps for business, then it will save you a massive amount of money if you purchase your supplies in bulk to prevent having to purchase more sooner rather than later.

Print Your Own Labels

This may seem like something that’s not as important as the other things on this list, but it can save you money over time on shipping costs. Invest in a label maker to create your own packaging labels before dropping your package off at the carrier that you’re using.

Save yourself time waiting in line and money beforehand and print your shipping label at home.

Check Delivery Timeframes

While each mail carrier’s time frames don’t vary drastically, that doesn’t mean that they keep the same prices. For example, with UPS, their next-day shipping costs depending on the weight of the package can be upwards of $130.

Whereas, FedEx cost for next-day shipping can be around $120. Therefore there’s a difference in shipping cost that you’ll want to make a note of before shipping your package.

Before paying, have you made the cutoff time for your package to be sent out? You can find out what we mean by cutoff times below.

Cutoff Times

Above we stated that each carrier has its own set of prices for timeframes that your package will be sent and delivered to its destination. Another aspect that will affect these times frames is when you drop the package off to the carrier.

If you want your package to be sent on the same day, you typically have to get it to the mailing office before 3:00 pm. The reason for these cutoff times is to ensure that your package makes it to the destination within the guaranteed delivery time.

Think About Package Weight

It may seem like an easier idea to send all of your items in one large box, but this can increase your shipping cost. Instead of putting everything into one box, it may be better to ship items individually to keep the cost of each package low.

This also means that it would be advantageous if you weigh your packages before sending them off in the mail. If you’ve got to send everything in one box, then you should choose a box that comes with a flat rate no matter what the weight of the package is.

Before leaving your home, weigh your packages to know what price to expect when you get ready to pay for shipping.


Much like with other retailers, mail carriers do offer customers discounts for using their services. Sometimes this could be a percentage of certain packaging boxes or a discount on a specific delivery type.

Some of the companies only offer discounts to people that are members of their rewards programs. We recommend that if you’re offered a membership that will provide you with discounts to save you money while shipping your merchandise cross-country, then you need to go for it.

Cheapest Shipping to Mexico Achieved

When it comes to finding the cheapest shipping to Mexico, you must consider all of the things that we’ve listed above. Being able to cut costs where you can will help save you money for future packages you intend to send.

If you’re looking for a trusted carrier to help get your packages to and from Mexico, contact us here at Continental Expedited Services. When shipping to Mexico, you’ll find that we have expert bilingual staff to help you every step.

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